Discover the Downtown Lynn Cultural District

Arrive in Central Square for lunch and take your choice of over 20 eateries. Authentic cuisine from Venezuela at Los Chamos, the old school charm of Charlie’s Junction Deli, Vietnamese delights at Pho Minh Ky, or lunch in the classic railroad car of the Capitol Diner are just a few options. You can also grab a Salvadoran pupusa at Tacos Lupita, fresh crepes and smoothies at CM Bistro or Guatemalan fare at Casa Antigua. Take an after lunch art stroll by Raw Art Works’ “ICC: Ignite, Create, Connect” installation, right on down to the “Ghosts of Lynn” big photo project and the “ART WAY” Union Street tunnel. From there, you can visit the legendary fabric store Zimman’s, tour the Lynn Museum, or admire the amazing number of large scale murals produced by the team at Beyond Walls. Need an afternoon jolt? Duck in to Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Company or the newly arrived Brew on the Grid. After you grab your delicious beverage head over to One Mighty Mill to grab some “Wheat You Can Eat”. And that’s just an afternoon! Come back in the evening to fine dine at The Blue Ox or Rossetti Restaurant, grab an amazing burger at R.F. O’Sullivan’s, or sample tasty brews at the Bent Water Brewing Taproom then see a show at the Lynn Auditorium. We could go on and on, there is so much to do and see in the Downtown Lynn Cultural District!! Refer to our handy map and key to plan your fantastic day or night in Downtown Lynn and be sure to watch our fun video below!